Cold (coffee) is the new hot

December 26, 2019

It’s the Australian summer. Your thongs are melting to the asphalt. You’re hoping the ‘business Stubbies’ trend catches on. The last thing you feel like is a piping hot latte. But you still want a caffiene kick to get you through the morning. Increasingly, the answer is cold coffee. It’s been growing in popularity as more coffee purveyors (like Hudsons) increase their range of cold coffees. The cold brew sub-segment alone grew 580 percent from 2011 to 2016. And that was just the start.


So why is it catching on? Andy Hearnden, Hudsons Head of Food and Coffee thinks it has to do with the rise of sugar-consciousness. “Cold coffee has come into popularity as people move away from sugary cold drinks. Also it’s delicious and adaptable. You can fit it to your day.” Take the Hudsons Iced Long Black, for example. It weighs in at just 2 kilojoules. Yep, we thought it was a typo too. It’s not. 


So by now, our guess is that you’re interested in an ice-cold Iced Long Black, or something fresh like an Iced Latte, or even something more indulgent like a Barista’s Choice Frappe made with fresh Barista’s Choice espresso. Is there a secret for how to order, or a coffee blend that works best? Andy doesn’t think so. “There isn’t a particular blend that works best for cold coffee, it comes down to preference, just like your favourite hot coffee. If you like a darker roast, then have an Iced Long Black with Premium Blend,” he says. “For something lighter, Single Origin as an Iced Latte would work a treat.”

“Cold coffee has come into popularity as people move away from sugary cold drinks. Also it’s delicious and adaptable.”



One of the other benefits of a cold coffee – it works a treat with all of Hudsons six types of milk. “Cold coffee works great with plant-based milk, like oat or almond milks,” says Andy. “And the best part is that in cold coffee you don’t need as much milk. While a standard hot latte is an 80/20 milk to coffee ratio, a cold coffee would be closer to 20/80,” Andy says. “Which is also great if you want to limit your kilojoule intake.”


Ice cold, adaptable and made for the Aussie summer. Ok, we’re in.