Why we’re here

For the love of coffee

At Hudson’s we love coffee.

We love how it brings us together. We love how it gives 
us a moment to pause in a busy day. We love how it recharges our batteries. We love how it transports us. 
We love a golden crema. We love how the cup warms our hands on a cold Melbourne morning. 
We love grinding. We love tamping. We love frothing. 
We love pouring.

So we’re doing everything we can to put the best of Melbourne’s coffee culture into every single cup, bite or sip. Because we believe that everyone, everywhere deserves great coffee.

So however you love your coffee, we’re here for you.

Our Story

It’s indisputable that Melbourne is one of the world’s great coffee cities – that confluence of Italian immigration, our climate, an entrenched bohemian culture and a tendency to adopt trends early made sure of that. We’re proud we started in Melbourne, for Melburnians. Our founders, returning from overseas trips, realised that while there was good coffee around, it wasn’t always where, when or how people needed it. So Hudsons was born.


Our first store

Our first cafe opened in 1998 on Melbourne’s Elizabeth Street and from day one, we did things differently to give our customers the coffee they wanted, how they wanted it. (We were even the first to offer paper takeaway cups when styrofoam was the norm.) And we made a damn fine coffee. So within months we had queues around the block.


First airport store

With our cafes thriving, Melbourne Airport approached us to deliver the best of Melbourne coffee to the world. Now Hudsons is the leading coffee chain in all major airports in Australia, as well as New Zealand 
and Singapore.

“Who would have thought we’d find a hidden gem at the departures lounge of the Perth airport?”



Our first franchisee

Our expansion into South Australia saw us partner with our first franchisee. We now have more than 65 partners sharing a love of coffee with their communities. And the list is growing.


takes off

Our acquisition by the high-profile Emirates Group has accelerated our growth. With a portfolio of 100 Hudsons Stores now located in every state and territory of Australia, internationally at Singapore’s Changi Airport and most recently New Zealand’s Auckland Airport, we are now perfectly positioned for the exciting new phase of taking Hudsons to the world.

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