Our Coffee

Our love for coffee is the heart and soul of everything we do and our aim is to provide that perfect cup just the way you like it, every time. Over the past 21 years, we have established a reputation for providing a quality coffee experience consistently across all of our stores using our much loved Premium Blend.

We know that not all tastes are the same and this is especially true where coffee is concerned. Some like a more intense flavour whereas others prefer a smoother, more balanced taste, a gradual coffee to help you get through the afternoon. That’s why we developed a second quality coffee blend, Barista’s Choice.



Smooth + Creamy Blend

Our Premium Blend is a medium-dark roast, made up of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Providing delicious flavours, our Premium Blend was designed for milk and as a straight espresso. Enjoy the smooth and balanced taste of our Premium Blend, any time of the day.


Rich + Robust Blend

Our Barista's Choice blend is a handcrafted from the finest quality Arabica beans sourced from high altitudes of Ethiopia, Uganda and Brazil, as well as the high quality Kaapi Royale Robusta bean from India.

Our Barista's Choice blend provides a stronger, more intense taste in your cup from first sip to last.


Sweet + Balanced 

Our Peruvian Single Origin coffee uses 100% Arabica beans, ethically harvested from the Chanchamayo Valley, Peru. This is an exclusive NEW premium coffee experience, with flavours of dark chocolate and a smooth buttery finish.

Our Peruvian Single Origin coffee links back to our rich 21 year history, with our Premium Blend coffee containing beans ethically sourced from Peru.

We will continue to introduce new Single Origin coffee from around the world, supporting coffee growing communities at the source, through the Hudsons Coffee Scholarship. 

Peruvian Single Origin is available nationwide for a limited time only.


Roasted and brewed in Melbourne. 100% cold drip coffee, brewed for 20 hours. The perfect alternative for the summer months, best experienced over ice.


We offer our three blends over a full range of espresso based drinks; we also offer delicious hot chocolates, teas and of course our refreshing range of cold drinks. We serve our drinks in three sizes for take away or two size ceramic cups for dine in (store dependent). Every drink is made by one of our fully trained Baristas to ensure you receive your drink the way you like it, every time.


Freshly roasted in Melbourne twice a week.