A renewed sense of purpose: For the love of coffee

November 04, 2019

For over 20 years, Hudsons has been a Melbourne coffee institution. But like all great institutions, we understand when it’s time to refresh our stores, our brand and the way we do things. 

To Hudsons Managing Director Justin Scotti, “Hudsons started as an innovator in coffee, but over the years it feels like we’ve slipped into the slow lane. The reason behind the brand refresh is really to get us back ahead of the market where we started.” So over the next 12 months, you’ll be noticing some changes to Hudsons stores, from the quality of the coffee, to the food menu, to the way the stores are designed. 

And organising it all is the simple principle: 

For the love of coffee. 

To Justin, for the love of coffee means “caring deeply about every single part of the coffee ritual.” That means the quality of the coffee, the quality of the service and the quality of the environment. For Justin, getting those three things right can change a person’s day. “There’s a joy that brings to their day,” he explains.  So a renewed sense of purpose around coffee is the first item on the agenda. That means better training for our baristas, upping our tech game, and sourcing a greater variety of single origin brews. 

“For the love of coffee means “caring deeply about every single part of the coffee ritual.”

And coffee is more than cup deep. “Coffee is are part of our culture,” says Leanne Wall, Head of Marketing and Engagement. “So for the love of coffee is really getting to the heart of every customer and making sure that we’re delivering the best of coffee every single day.”

It all starts here.

So while the changes will affect every aspect of the Hudsons experience, just like a great morning, it all starts with coffee.